May 28, 2018

Scrub Sister

  • V and A Agency
  • Bedfordview, Germiston, South Africa
Full time Nurse

Job Description

Before an operation.
Ensure that the circulating nurse has checked the equipment.
Ensure that the theatre has been cleaned before the trolley is set.
Prepare the instruments and equipment needed for the operation.
Uses sterile technique for scrubbing, gowning and gloving.
Receive sterile equipment via circulating nurse using sterile technique.
Perform initial sponges, instruments and needle count, checks with circulating nurse.

When surgeon arrives after scrubbing
Perform assisted gowning and gloving to the surgeon and assistant surgeon as soon as they enter the operation suite.
Assemble the drapes according to use. Start with towel, towel clips, draw sheet and then lap sheet. Then, assist in draping the patient aseptically according to routine procedure.
Place blade on the knife handle using needle holder, assemble suction tip and suction tube
Bring mayo stand and back table near the draped patient after draping is completed.
Secure suction tube and cautery cord with towel clips or allis.
Prepare sutures and needles according to use

During an operation
Maintain sterility throughout the procedure
Awareness of the patient’s safety
Adhere to the policy regarding sponge/ instruments count/ surgical needles.
Arrange the instrument on the mayo table and on the back table.

Before the Incision Begins.
Provide 2 sponges on the operative site prior to incision.
Pass the 1st knife for the skin to the surgeon with blade facing downward and a hemostat to the assistant surgeon.
Hand the retractor to the assistant surgeon
Watch the field/ procedure and anticipate the surgeon’s needs.
Pass the instrument in a decisive and positive manner.
Watch out for hand signals to ask for instruments and keep instrument as clean as possible by wiping instrument with moist sponge.
Always remove charred tissue from the cautery tip
Notify circulating nurse if you need additional instruments as clear as possible
Keep 2 sponges on the field.
Save and care for tissue specimen according to the hospital policy.
Remove excess instrument from the sterile field
Adhere and maintain sterile technique and watch for any breaks.

End of Operation.
Undertake count of sponges and instruments with circulating nurse.
Inform the surgeon of count result.
Clear away instrument and equipment
After operation: helps to apply dressing
Removes and siposes of drapes.
Prepare the patient for recovery room
Complete documentation
Hand patient over to recover room. 

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