Sep 13, 2018

Consultant Facilitator

  • Johannesburg, South Africa
Full time Consultant

Job Description


Consultant Facilitator Position with Fixed in USAID-funded Gender-Based Violence Project (full time)
13-month contract with strong probability of renewal for 58 months and good probability of renewal for full-time position thereafter

Job description:
Learn and understand all aspects of the Fixed methodology

Read Dr Holtmann's book
Read all guidance materials
Closely follow all activities
Mentorship interaction with manager
Manage GBV scope of work

Updating prospective scope of work
Current records
Support for reporting on work done
Manage timesheets
Logistical management of GBV workshops

Liaison, admin and logistics
Attend all meetings / workshops
Support reporting
Support co-facilitating, once ready and where appropriate
Support capacity building for community based partner organisations
Regular communication with community based partner representatives
Networking, updating, curating the Fixed Online Hub for GBV

Manage Fixed website – update quarterly

Looking for meaningful work
English and Zulu
Problem solving
Extremely good listener
Confidence to interact with people
Close team work
Good writing skills
Independent work but can follow instructions
Administrative discipline

Skills: Word processing, Excel, Powerpoint (keynote)

Experience and qualifications:
Tertiary qualification in relevant field
Some work experience in development sector (doesn’t have to be GBV)
GBV Project:
The Centre for Communication Impact is the prime recipient of the 5 year award from USAID. Fixed is a key partner.

The project is the establishment of collaborative community networks (CCNs) to strengthen local responses to gender based violence, in four ways:
Strengthening collaboration amongst government and non-government actors (establishment of CCNs)
GBV prevention through communications and culture shift (a task team in the CCN will be lead initially by our partner the CCI and focus on this area)
Improved responses to GBV and secondary prevention (through a second task team focused on victim support, lead initially by Fixed) and
Strengthening the criminal justice response through local research and implementation to improve case management etc (third task team lead initially by the criminal justice research partner still to be appointed)
All of this will be done in the first year in one site in Mpumalanga, two sites in eThekwini and three sites in Gauteng. The work will rely heavily on local sub-partners (NGOs already operating in the selected sites) to champion and manage locally, with substantial capacity building and support.

Fixed's role is to offer the Fixed methodology (“what it looks like when its fixed”) to enable all of the above, facilitate the establishment of the CCNs (through a series of workshops), build capacity in local sub-partners to support the use of the methodology (lots of ongoing mentoring) and to conduct capacity building in the task teams. We will also offer and facilitate the development of our web platform as a cross-program hub for communication and learning as well as use the methodology to support and enable M&E.

The new facilitator will work closely with our project lead (Emma) and mostly in the first year focus on learning the methodology and support facilitation. In the second year and onwards the program expands to include 5 - 6 new sites per year so the facilitator will have an expanded role in more directly facilitating and supporting the establishment of the CCNs in the new sites. While CCI contract with USAID is 5 years, this particular position is for a 14 month term initially, but ultimately is intended and likely to be 5 years in total subject to program continuation at key milestones. It will be really important to have the same person in place for the full five year period, given the unique experience and expertise they will be getting from the project and applying to new sites as the program expands.

We are a mother and daughter team. Our offices are located on the same property as our homes, so our work environment is in someways less formal than most environments and this shows in our style of doing business. That said, our business is our own and our standards are very high. We have high expectations of independence, reliability, integrity and creativity. We're really excited about this project and this opportunity to build a relationship with a new facilitator!

Applications can be sent

Remuneration: R360 000 plus 7% medical aid and 13% retirement annuity plus performance bonus.

Start date: As soon as possible.



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