Feb 21, 2019

Academic Coach

  • Scalabrini
  • Cape Town, South Africa
Full time Education

Job Description

The Scalabrini Centre seeks to appoint an Academic Coach to be based in Cape Town.

Remuneration: Paid up to R90 per hour capped at 80 hours of work per month

The purpose of the Academic Coach is to play a critical role in the learning journey of College for America (CfA) students and will be central in the Bachelor Academic Support Programme (BASP). Serve as a direct mirror to support the student in achieving autonomy as a self-regulated learner. Meet regularly in a one on one setting with students to discuss both what is happening academically and outside of school. Utilising a variety of coaching tools, the coach leverages questions and conversation to help the student to come to new conclusions and to identify root causes of various challenges. Work in collaboration with the student to identify best practices, habits, and solutions to overcome academic and personal challenges.


Create and implement a robust system of coaching for 75 students throughout their College for America learning journey
Schedule one on one meetings with all assigned students every two weeks
Create and maintain accurate coaching notes to track student progress
Strategic planning around academics, internships, Bachelor’s degree selection and career mapping
Work with students to create appropriate deadlines
Identify and intervene with students that are academically struggling
Offer a variety of contact points for students to access coaching services
Collaborate with students to identify SMART goals for their learning
Support students through a scaffolder approach to become self-regulated learners
Plan and facilitate one on one sessions for each student every two weeks
Maintain accurate and transparent coaching attendance records for students
Liaise between students and other BASP stakeholders
Work with Academic Coordinators to put in place proper interventions
Work with/feedback to the Internship Coordinator to discuss around internships
Feedback to BASP Managers through weekly reports
Work together to create group interventions and strategies
Liaise with Scalabrini Operations team to book out appropriate venues ahead of time
Mobilise additional support for students when necessary
Create opportunities for students to obtain additional academic support such as creating peer study groups or tutoring opportunities
Maintain high and rigorous learning and professional standards for students
Maintain accountability of students for attendance, preparedness and engagement throughout coaching
Follow-up with students when sessions are missed or challenges arise
Provide regular and necessary feedback to students on their development becoming self-regulated learners
Create reports when necessary regarding student progress on individual and group levels.
Participate in staff meetings
Create presentations and innovations to support the further development of the coaching programme
Seek and participate in professional development, both formal and informal
Create and update BASP coaching SOPs


Communication skills, both written and verbal
Emotional intelligence
Organised and academically minded
Responsive and adaptive
Listening skills
BA or higher degree
Proficient in Microsoft and Google suites
Proficient knowledge within context students live and work
Strong desire for social justice through education
Must have a car or a reliable mode of transport
On Friday’s attend staff meetings

To apply, submit your cover letter and CV

Please quote the source of this advertisement in your application

Lunch is unpaid and must be taken one-hour lunch per full day (seven hours) session

Suggested schedule for each coach:
Monday and Wednesday 9 to 4pm (with 1 hour of unpaid lunch) and Tuesday 9 to 1pm, Friday 9 to 1pm = (20 hr p/w)
Tuesday 2 to 6pm, Thursday 9 to 4pm (with 1 hour of unpaid lunch), Friday 9 to 1pm and Saturday 9 to 4pm (with 1 hour of unpaid lunch) = (20 hrs p/w)

Further correspondence will only be entered into with applicants under consideration for the role

Perceiving migration as an opportunity, the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town is committed to alleviating poverty and promoting development in the Western Cape while fostering integration between migrants, refugees and South Africans. In providing our assistance we advocate respect for human rights and use a holistic approach that considers all basic needs.

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