Jul 12, 2021

Teaching Experience Supervisor for Higher Certificate

  • Rosebank College
  • Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Part time Education

Job Description

Job Details: Division
Independent Contractors - Cape Town
Business Unite

Minimum experience: Mid-Senior
Company primary industry
Higher Education

Job functional area

Job Description
The Teaching Experience supervisor is the person responsible for supervising, evaluating and developing student teachers during their teaching experience practical work in an appropriate school or ECD centre setting.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The incumbent is expected to perform the key duties and responsibilities as indicated below:

Observing and evaluation the student teachers’ performance during student teaching experiences in appropriate classroom settings.
Providing feedback essential to the student teachers regarding the content of observation and evaluation.
Ensuring and assisting the student teachers to reflect on their performance, identifying both strengths and areas of needed improvement regarding teaching /learning objectives, goals, strategies/approaches.
Recommending and/or teaching methods or alternatives for improving deficient areas in relation to the student teachers’ performance.
Providing oral and written feedback to student teachers after each formal observation
Helping student teachers deal with problems they may be experiencing.
Providing honest and candid evaluations of student teachers’ progress.

Desired Experience & Qualification
3 - 5 Years’ experience working in ECD (Grade RR, 0-4 years).
ECD qualification.


The Teaching Experience Supervisor is expected to possess all or some of the following competencies and abilities:

Ability to express and show care, concern, and commitment to the success of the student teacher.
Possession of instructional and supervisory skills, abilities and approaches
Knowledge and Ability to help the student teachers reflect on their overall instructional decisions.
Ability to build and maintain professional, amicable and confidential relationships with student’ teachers.
Knowledge, awareness and understanding of current, contemporary, emerging and innovative instructional and pedagogical approaches.
Traceable experience in observing and evaluating teacher instructional and pedagogical performance in a school setting.
Intense ability to work with the teaching professionals and related stakeholders in a pleasant, professional, cooperative and collaborative manner.
Ability to travel to multiple school settings within a target area.
A good communicator and role model.


Have valid driver’s licence and have your own car.
Must have no criminal record.
Retired teachers are encouraged to apply.
Candidates with a teaching qualification and currently involved in other sectors are encouraged to apply.
Able to possible work remotely.
Preferably not be working full time, if working full-time they need to be available during work hours.

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