Nov 19, 2017

Senior Manager: Portfolio Management VAF Business

  • Standard Bank
  • Rosebank, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Full time Banking

Job Description

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Pricing Strategy

    • Responsible for integrated pricing strategies across market segments/risk grades. Driving appropriate pricing vehicles to appropriate markets  (e.g. fixed rates, variable rates, niche rates etc)
    • Ensuring the key credit, finance, product and customer pricing parameters are catered for within the pricing models and that such models are robust and flexible
    • Improve the profitability of the existing book through tactical initiatives such as  refinancing pricing and arbitrations
    • Ensure pricing strategies are champion challenged, back tested and monitored to ensure optimal results
    • Driving pricing strategies to achieve a 20% ROE through within changing economic cycles and current and future pressures of funding.
    • Takes direct responsibility and accountability for NII and NIR generation strategies and management. This includes the annual review of VAFs fee pricing, obtaining sign-off from the PBB Pricing Committee and Group Exco, implementation and management of such changes
    • Ensure that pricing leads to optimal sales volumes and optimal/manageable adverse selection


    Optimisation and analytics

    • Responsible for initiating capital reduction strategies and the coordination and management of Capital and Basel  within VAF
    • Risk appetite management and alignment to pricing and ROE
    • Building business intelligence structures and shaping new and existing portfolios through analytics and business intelligence leveraging off the Measurement team where possible
    • Close out revenue leakage gaps from operation and system gaps around interest and fee pricing
    • Leading a team that performs centralised price arbitrations and the revenue optimisation. Analysis of the fee pricing structures of competitor banks and identifying opportunities for promoting growth in profitable segments, by aligning marketing strategies to fee pricing.
    • Driving VAFs business profitability strategies through quantitative analytics by managing the team that technically performs the financial and statistical analytics
    • Refining and optimisation of the ROE model per segment and alignment of the risk appetite parameters to the target ROE both through the cycle and at a point in time
    • Drive the bank’s current and future VAF system solutions strategies to ensure asset growth, income maximization and retention of asset customers.
    • Relationship management 
      • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders to ensure consistent business partner interaction.
      • Drive Integration of the VAF pricing and analytical teams with other business units OSS, Finance, credit.
      • Staff management through living the leadership promise values

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